Welcome to Aseprite development Apr 1, 2013


Hello everybody! In this blog I’ll try to give you some ideas about what kind of problems you can face when you are developing graphic software. Remember, I don’t have the last word, these are just comments about design decisions made by one person in its spare time. I’ll love to hear about your concerns, opinions, recommendations, refactoring ideas, etc. Feel free to ask me anything.

And because this blog is about development, I will introduce you the Aseprite repository: github.com/aseprite/aseprite. The real development is done in dev branch. This is because I want to keep the master branch completely free of compilation errors on Linux (just to avoid this kind of issues). As a side note, I program on Windows on a daily basis, so once in a while I’ve to open a Virtual Machine with Linux, pull dev branch, fix compilation errors, and merge dev to master branch.

If you are developing an open source program, my recommendation is: Do not use your default branch as the same branch for regular (Linux) users that will clone the repository just to compile the program periodically.