Forward Compatibility Jul 1, 2016

The next Aseprite version (v1.2-beta1) will contain a new feature to create layer groups, which aren’t supported on v1.1. My plan is to release Aseprite v1.1.6 with some forward compatibility: It is a way to load the new .aseprite format with layer groups and convert them to something readable/usable in the old v1.1 version (and show an huge warning about it).

My first approach is that if we create something like this in v1.2:

With Groups

Loading the .aseprite file into v1.1 will show you something like this:


So basically groups are removed and all layers are moved at the same level.

I’m not sure if v1.2 will present other features which will require “forward compatibility” considerations, but in that case, a new v1.1 should be made available to users.

What do you think about this approach?